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Welcome to my website.  Whether you are knowledgeable about, or a newcomer to this art form, I would like to share my 27 year passion for Chinese Brush Painting with you.


I came to Chinese brush painting after discovering a book on Chinese painting by Diana Kan, which  had been given to us by my wife’s aunt, who had written the forward to the first edition.  Ms. Kan’s book explains the fundamentals of her art, and how to get started using the basic, inexpensive supplies…. an ink stick and ink stone, one brush and some rice paper.  The artist even suggested that one practice on newspaper, so I gave it a try.


As I had no previous art training and didn’t know color theory, my intention was to use only black and white.  I found many good self-instructiion books and teachers who were nurturing and encouraging, among them Betty Sarantos (my first teacher), KoHo Yamamoto, Ning Yeh, Henry  Wo Yue Kee, Diana Kan, Sun Mei Chu, Shao Hua Huang and Jin Quang Yu.


My greatest mentor, however, was the late Professor I-Hsiung Ju. He taught me the fundamentals of the art and was gracious enough to teach me techniques I showed an interest in, even ones that he himself did not use. I spent several days with him each year, for 20 years  at his studio/artfarm in Virginia, then in Princeton and in Florida. We become friends and I miss him dearly.  

I began painting small landscapes and flowers, but over the years I expanded the subjects that I paint and the sizes of my paintings. I sell large paintings privately and through the website. I also sell smaller paintings and cards in various stores in R.I.  My work is in collections internationally and one was chosen for the cover of “Medicine and Health Rhode Island”. I teach individuals and groups and have given several demonstrations and lectures.

As a semi-retired radiologist, I am often asked why I paint:  I paint because I feel alive when I do. It allows me to appreciate nature in a way I would not have otherwise .  

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